In Japan, Campbell Alliance operates as inVentiv Health Consulting. An industry leader focused on the biopharmaceutical industry, inVentiv Health Consulting is the Consulting business segment of inVentiv Health, a leading provider of best-in-class clinical, commercial, and consulting services to companies seeking to accelerate performance.  Our in-depth expertise, backed by inVentiv’s global presence, helps clients tackle challenging strategic issues with confidence.

inVentiv Health Consulting in Japan is led by Pawel Komender, Regional General Manager, who has nearly 20 years professional experience in Japan and a track record of assignments in the Asia Pacific region.

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Service Lines

inVentiv Health Consulting offers six service lines in the areas of:

  • Market Assessment and Opportunity Identification
  • Pricing and Market Access
  • Market Entry and Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Product Launch
  • Commercial Excellence
  • In- and Out-Licensing


Market Assessment and Opportunity Identification
As pharmaceutical manufacturers develop a new product, it is critical to have an understanding of the potential market for the asset, the extent to which physicians will be eager to prescribe the product, and the specific market segments and sub-segments that can be approached.

Our Market Assessment and Opportunity Identification service line will help you produce a reliable forecast for launch, including:

  • Market Situation Analysis
  • Treatment Flow Modeling
  • Market Segmentation
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Product Positioning and Value Proposition Development
  • Winning Label and Data Generation Planning


Pricing and Market Access
Although the reimbursement price in Japan is eventually set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, pharmaceutical companies can influence the pricing of their products.  Therefore it is important for companies to determine the most profitable price their product can achieve in the market.

To determine your path to optimal pricing, our Pricing and Market Access service line can provide price sensitivity measurements based on quantitative physician surveys as well as pricing criteria and process confirmation based on qualitative payer and KOL studies.  The outputs of these studies lead to recommendations on how to achieve the best price and potential price premiums.


Market Entry and Go-to-Market Strategy
Japan constitutes the third largest economy and the second largest pharmaceutical market of the world, but the market dynamics in Japan are vastly different than any other geography.  As a result, when considering how to commercialize their products, companies need to identify both the key success factors to a successful market entry and the key internal processes necessary to support the product.

Studying the approach taken by similar companies can often be insightful when developing your own strategy.  Based on our extensive knowledge of the Japanese market, our Market Entry and Go-to-Market Strategy service line will help define your market-entry approach and milestones at the corporate, portfolio, and product levels.


Product Launch
Product launches in Japan are frequently part of a global product strategy.  As such, they require careful coordination and project management across countries as well as the usual cross-functional coordination.  It is essential to develop the right launch strategy and to put the necessary resources in place to conduct an effective product launch.

By leveraging inVentiv Health Consulting’s Launch Playbook®, you can ensure alignment of launch activities in Japan with the broader global organization.  Our Launch Playbook suite of tools will help you increase the speed to launch, avoid costly delays and unpleasant surprises before, during, and after a new product launch.


Commercial Excellence
Sales forces remain a growing and effective sales and marketing tool for pharmaceutical manufacturers in Japan.  It is vital that pharmaceutical companies be prepared in terms of the resources and tools needed to ensure an effective and efficient sales process.

Our Commercial Excellence service line can help you get hold of scarce, high-quality field force resources, utilize your sales force efficiently and effectively, and optimize the performance of your sales teams.  Capabilities include: 

  • Field Force Diagnostics
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Optimization of Field Force Size, Structure, and Deployment


In- and Out-Licensing
Securing the right partner is critical to the success of most any growth-oriented company.  Licensing is also a viable approach for entering a new market or geography.

Our In- and Out-Licensing service line can help Japanese companies looking for products that would like to enter Japan as well as help Japanese companies looking for partners outside the geography.  We provide comprehensive partnering support across all key business development activities, depending on client needs, including opportunity identification, valuation, and transaction support.


inVentiv Health Consulting offers world class healthcare consulting services.