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inVentiv Health Consulting is purpose-built to help biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies achieve results.  Whether it’s seizing the leadership position in a new market, solving seemingly impossible challenges, or developing innovative approaches for success, we don’t quit until the desired results are delivered.

We’re also purpose-built to help our team members achieve results in their careers.  For talented candidates at the beginning of their career, inVentiv Consulting offers opportunities to do interesting and meaningful work, build experience, learn, grow, and advance into roles with greater responsibilities and even bigger opportunities.  For more experienced candidates, inVentiv Consulting offers the opportunity to build and lead high-performance teams, engage with the industry’s leading decision makers, and deliver highly strategic guidance to clients.

While no company can guarantee success, inVentiv Consulting is uniquely positioned to offer you a range of opportunities to achieve it.  Let’s explore what makes inVentiv Consulting such an attractive place to build a career.


The Team

Our team is our greatest asset at inVentiv Consulting.  Engaging, trusted, and razor sharp—that’s each member of the inVentiv Consulting family.  They’re strategic thinkers and operational experts committed to the life sciences.  Their educational backgrounds include a mix of business, science, and medicine; and their professional backgrounds focus on biopharmaceuticals, medical technology, and consulting.

Of course, we recruit people who are smart, motivated, and who have knowledge of the life sciences business.  However, we also recruit for a certain personality type:  engaging people who can seamlessly become part of a team, whether that team is internal to inVentiv Consulting or a client’s project team.  We recruit the type of people who are highly competent and confident in their abilities but also humble.  In short, they are the type of people with whom you’d like to work, as well as develop lasting friendships.

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The Work

We deliver results for our clients.  To do that, we help them tackle a diverse range of needs and challenges, covering both the strategic and operational aspects of their businesses.  One thing is for sure at inVentiv Consulting:  You will never be bored.  Because we address so many areas that are core to the biopharmaceutical industry, we are unique in our ability to offer our team members a diverse range of things to do. 

Two years in consulting is like five years in just about any other role.  You’ll tackle more challenges, solve more problems, and see the inner workings of more companies during your tenure at inVentiv Consulting than some other people will in their full careers.

And to top it all off, you’ll be helping some of the world’s leading companies advance the state of human health.  The work is interesting and rewarding.

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Loyal Clients

inVentiv Consulting is committed to client satisfaction; Every company says it, but we live it.  As a result, approximately 90% of our work comes from satisfied repeat clients.

After every project, we survey the client to capture their feedback on how we did.  Each survey is reviewed by the project team, our marketing team, and the COO, and we hold ourselves accountable for the results.  We’ve been doing these surveys since 2003 and have collected literally thousands of responses.  The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Average score of 9.5 out of 10
  • Response rate of 80%+
  • 89.3% of clients rate inVentiv Consulting as “superior” or “far superior” to other consulting firms with whom they have worked.
  • 98.1% would recommend inVentiv Consulting to their colleagues.

Thanks to our valuable long-term client relationships, inVentiv Consulting is often the first call when a client has a challenge or need.  That makes it easier for our consulting teams to sell and deliver projects, and it facilitates faster growth, which opens up more opportunities for our team members.  It also means that our newer team members have unparalleled opportunities to develop wide-ranging and long-term business relationships with industry decision makers who are already friends of the firm.

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Meritocracy and Advancement

The inVentiv Consulting culture is a meritocracy.  We believe in providing rapid advancement opportunities for those talented, motivated individuals who push themselves to succeed.  If you deliver results for your clients and the company grows accordingly, then you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Our goal is for every incoming consultant to learn, grow, and advance within the organization.  At all levels, the criteria for success are very clear, and consultants are measured on their performance twice per year through a structured review process.  You’ll never wonder, “How am I doing?”  You’ll have clear feedback on your performance and clear guidance on what’s required to advance.

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Broad Career Paths

The career path from Associate Consultant to Managing Director is clearly marked.  However, the career path at inVentiv Consulting shouldn’t just be viewed as a ladder, where people move from one step to the next.  Thanks to our our relationship with our parent company, inVentiv Health, the potential career paths can be extremely diverse. 

You may decide to remain within consulting or, if your interests evolve elsewhere, pursue interesting opportunities within our subsidiaries or within a wide range of inVentiv companies, from CROs to advertising agencies.  Our ability to provide such a broad range of opportunities is possible because we are a part of the inVentiv family.  That’s not something a lot of consulting firms can offer.

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Industry Recognition and Respect

Those who come to inVentiv Consulting join a well-known and highly-respected firm.  At inVentiv Consulting, you’ll become part of a recognized winning team in the biopharmaceutical industry. 

In a blinded survey of executive-level decision makers in this industry, conducted by a third-party research firm, inVentiv Consulting was

  • The second-highest-scoring firm when it came to unaided awareness, right behind McKinsey & Company and just ahead of Boston Consulting Group
  • Ranked as the number one, two, or three firm (among a competitive set of 17) on 10 of 13 attributes that respondents considered to be critical when selecting a consulting firm (Attributes included commitment to client satisfaction, ability to deliver results, and detailed industry knowledge.)
  • Ranked as a top-three firm in key specialty therapeutic areas, such as oncology and central nervous system

With our strong brand backing you up in the marketplace, you’ll find it easier to sell and deliver work, and to advance your own career. 

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Thought Leadership

inVentiv Consulting is also recognized as a thought leader.  With the help of our marketing team, our consultants

  • Write and publish more than 30 articles per year in key industry journals, including Focus, in Vivo, Les Nouvelles, Med Ad News, Nature Biotech, Oncology Business Review, Pharmaceutical Executive, Pharmaceutical Market Europe, R&D Directions, RPM Report, and many more
  • Deliver more than 70 presentations, workshops, and panel discussions at industry conferences and events all over the world
  • Are quoted, mentioned, or cited in dozens of news articles per year in the trade and business press
  • Fill editorial board positions at key journals (such as Pharmaceutical Executive and Focus) and actively serve on committees within various industry organizations

This type of thought leadership enhances the firm’s credibility, gives us an advantage over the competition, and makes it easier for us to identify, pursue, and win projects.  As a member of the team, you may have the opportunity to build your own reputation as a thought leader, both within the firm and within the marketplace at large.  After all, when our people are recognized as thought leaders, the entire firm benefits.

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International Presence

Where in the world do you want to go?  In the US, our offices are located in pharmaceutical and biotech “hot spots.”  inVentiv Consulting also has offices in London, UK and Zurich, Switzerland.  Our capabilities are expanding both in the US and in Europe, and you will have the opportunity to interact with colleagues from all over.

Our near- to mid-term expansion plans include Australia, Japan, and China, with steps already underway to open these markets with the support of our colleagues at inVentiv Health.  If you have an affinity for or special knowledge of any of these places, then you may be able to work there.  Obviously, work opportunities depend on client needs and our priorities, but our international presence certainly has the potential to open doors for you.

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Professional Development

inVentiv Consulting values professional development.

Via the inVentiv Consulting Learn Center (our own online academy), our team members have access to a range of highly useful e-courses about nearly all aspects of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.  These courses were developed by Pharmaceutical Institute, and they represent the largest catalog of pharma-focused e-courses on the planet.

Each year, your manager will work with you to develop a Professional Development Plan (PDP) to help you enhance your skills and capabilities and allow you to grow increasingly effective in your job.  We take PDPs seriously and set aside budget dollars to fund them (as PDPs often include seminars, conferences, materials, and such).

In addition, your colleagues will share their varied experiences with you, helping you develop and grow at inVentiv Consulting.  Whether you are early in your career or well-established, the opportunities for professional development never stop.

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The inVentiv Health Connection

Being a part of the inVentiv Health family offers many benefits, some of which have been described already (broad career paths, greater international presence).  It also offers a key benefit to our clients and serves as a powerful differentiator for inVentiv Consulting.

Quite simply, inVentiv’s global implementation capabilities are unmatched.  When we help our clients develop an ambitious new strategy, we’re also able to offer them?via inVentiv?the tools and personnel to put that strategy into action almost anywhere on Earth.  Whether they need to conduct phase III clinical trials in the Asia-Pacific region, field a sales force in the US, or develop an advertising campaign in Europe, inVentiv Health can do it.  That capability makes inVentiv Consulting more attractive as a strategic consulting partner, and it translates into more business.

As we’ve said before, more business, bigger projects, and more strategic relationships mean more opportunities for you.  Related to all of this, you will be able to take advantage of unparalleled opportunities to work across “company lines” with colleagues from inVentiv, giving you great exposure to the “implementation side” and making you even more effective as a strategic consultant.

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Let’s Get Started

Hopefully, this has given you a sense of what we have to offer.  A career at inVentiv Consulting could be the perfect fit for you.  The only way to know for sure is to initiate your candidacy with one of our recruiters.  They are waiting to help you explore your opportunities and decide which direction might be best for you.  We look forward to getting to know you!

Check out our available positions or contact a member of our Recruiting team

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