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2013 Dealmakers' Intentions

Now in its fifth year, the inVentiv Health Consulting (formerly Campbell Alliance) Dealmakers’ Intentions Study is the only forward-looking measure of dealmaking activity in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.  While there are many quality sources of information that look historically at past deal trends, this survey offers a prospective view of the partnering and licensing landscape for the year ahead.
2012 was the “Year of the Earnout.”  Acquisitions having additional upside for the seller upon clinical or commercial success filled the void created by the decline in pure licensing deals. Earnouts appear to be more than an aberration, as in-licensers expect more earnout acquisitions in 2013 relative to 2012 for all phases of development. This will have a particularly strong replacement effect on the pure in-licensing of late-stage assets.
The Dealmakers' Intentions Survey provides a unique perspective on these trends. By surveying business development professionals from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies of all sizes, we are able to generate forward-looking insights based on dealmakers' general expectations for activity in the coming year. Download a copy of the white paper that reviews results for the 2012 Dealmakers' Intentions Survey and presents conclusions that are critical to leaders developing strategies for their licensing organizations.
As usual, this year's survey results represent input from all of the major pharmaceutical markets including:
72% of respondents from the United States
18% from Europe
1% from Canada
3% from Japan
6% from other regions

Read the April issue of Pharmaceutical Executive magazine where Rich Rieger from our Corporate Development Center of Excellence participated in a roundtable discussing the dealmaking outlook for 2013. 

Results from prior Dealmakers' Intentions studies can be found in our Landmark Studies section.

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