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The 2012 Dealmakers' Intentions Survey


Now in its fourth year, the inVentiv Health Consulting Dealmakers' Intentions Survey is the only forward-looking measure of deal-making activity in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. While there are many quality sources of information that look historically at past deal trends, this survey offers a prospective view of the partnering and licensing landscape for the year ahead.

In 2012, in-licensers are pushing risk down the food chain to out-licensers. Supply and demand is skewed heavily toward in-licensers demanding de-risked, late-stage assets in the most established therapeutic areas.

However, the number of de-risked assets is relatively lacking, making the 2012 licensing environment a scary one. Discount rates have been rising, which is driving the in-licensers to chase late-stage assets. For those who can accept a long investment horizon in the face of these pressures, a relative surplus of early-stage oncology assets may exist, rep¬resenting true buying opportunities. Buying opportunities in off-the-beaten-path asset classes may also exist, especially for those in development stages.

In short, safety will be expensive in 2012.

The Dealmakers' Intentions Survey provides a unique perspective on these trends. By surveying business development professionals from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies of all sizes, we are able to generate forward-looking insights based on dealmakers' general expectations for activity in the coming year. Download a copy of the white paper that reviews results for the 2012 Dealmakers' Intentions Survey and presents conclusions that are critical to leaders developing strategies for their licensing organizations.

As usual, this year's survey results represent input from all of the major pharmaceutical markets including:

60% of respondents from the United States
21% from Europe
11% from Canada
4% from Japan
4% from other regions

Download a white paper summarizing the survey results.

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