Mar. 16, 2008-Mar. 18, 2008
Grand Hyatt
New York, NY


Preserving Value: To License or Not to License

Ben Bonifant, Vice President and head of the Business Development Practice, will participate in the opening keynote panel discussion titled "Preserving Value: To License or Not to License." Other panelists include Pfizer, Atlas Venture, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, and Deerfield Partners.


Preserving Value: To License or Not to License

With M&A increasingly popular among Big Pharma and the overwhelmingly preferred exit for VCs, whether or not to license a key product (and how much of the key product’s rights to license) has become one of the most important strategic challenges for biotechs and their investors. Forgo a significant licensing opportunity -- and forgo the most important source of non-dilutive financing. License out the project -- and potentially destroy the value for a deep-pocketed acquirer. This panel of venture and cross-over investors and biotech companies who have made very different choices about licensing strategies will discuss how they have grappled with the myriad problems embedded in the licensing decision.



  • Douglas Giordano, Vice President,Transactions Group, Pfizer Inc.
  • Ben Bonifant, Vice President, Business Development Practice, Campbell Alliance
  • Jean-François Formela, Partner, Atlas Venture
  • John Maraganore, President and CEO, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
  • William Slattery, Partner, Deerfield Partners


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