BIO Investor Forum

Oct. 25, 2011-Oct. 26, 2011
Palace Hotel
San Francisco, CA


Corporate Venture Funds and Traditional VCs: Can They Coexist?

Michael Fleming, a Campbell Alliance Vice President, will moderate a panel of traditional and corporate VCs who will tackel the question: How best can corporate venture funds and traditional VCs coexist?


Corporate venture funds are nothing new. Large biotech and pharmaceutical companies have leveraged these financing organizations for years with a focus on funding early-stage projects—with innovative deal structures at times—that might not otherwise be considered by their parent companies.  For about a three year period beginning in early 2008, the biotech industry experienced a financing drought as difficult economic conditions spread to affect not only early stage biotech companies but traditional venture capital firms as well.  Many VC firms were forced to do some “soul searching” on their business model.  During that time, corporate venture funds began to step up to fill critical financing gaps for early stage products, and we’ve steadily seen an increase in the number of large companies with their own funds.  In today’s competitive licensing environment for early-stage assets and with traditional venture capital financing on the rebound, a question remains: how best can corporate venture funds and traditional VCs coexist? Please join a panel of corporate and traditional venture capitalists as they discuss their financing strategies and areas of focus as well as the opportunities and challenges associated with bringing the next series of innovative products to market.


  • Michael Fleming, Vice President, Campbell Alliance


  • Brian G. Atwood, Managing Director, Versant Ventures
  • Janis Naeve, PhD, Director, Amgen Ventures
  • Brian McVeigh, VP of Worldwide Business Development Transactions, GSK
  • Asish K. Xavier, PhD, Vice President, J&J Development Corporation

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