Campbell Alliance Expands Operations into New Jersey

April 23, 2003

Campbell Alliance, a Raleigh, NC-based management consulting firm specializing in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, is expanding its operations into New Jersey.  Since its inception in 1997, the company has served its geographically dispersed clients from its Raleigh headquarters.  The addition of an office in Parsippany, New Jersey will enable the firm to better serve the northeastern region of the United States, which boasts the highest concentration of pharmaceutical companies in the country.

The new regional office, which will open on May 1, 2003, will house a permanent staff and also provide a base of operations for consulting teams sent to the area from Raleigh.   According to Campbell Alliance President John Campbell, the new office is a natural step in the company’s growth.  “As our client base expands, we are sending large teams into the field to work at client sites with increasing frequency.  As could be expected, our largest concentration of clients is in New Jersey and the surrounding states.  Our new office there will help us to better serve those clients,” he said.

In the six years since its founding, Campbell Alliance’s growth has been rapid.  The firm has grown to a 60-person firm serving clients throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in Europe.  In 2002, the company’s growth rate was approximately 100%.  Campbell Alliance continues to aggressively recruit additional consultants to keep pace with demand for its services.  The current recruitment efforts will expand the firm’s capacity at its Raleigh headquarters, as well as provide staffing for the regional office in Parsippany.

Mr. Campbell is optimistic about the firm’s future prospects but remains focused on managing its current growth.  He adds, “As a company, we are always charting our future, but we never lose sight of the things that we must do to serve our clients today.” 

The new office will be located at 5 Sylvan Way, Suite 200, Parsippany, NJ  07054.

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