Campbell Alliance to Moderate Panel Discussion on Deal Making for Multiple-Indication Compounds at Windhover’s PSO Conference

March 23, 2007


Campbell Alliance, the leading management consulting firm specializing in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, today announced that Ben Bonifant, Vice President of its Business Development Practice, will moderate a panel discussion at the 2007 Pharmaceutical Strategic Outlook (PSO) Conference hosted by Windhover Information.  The conference will be held March 26-27, 2007 at The Roosevelt Hotel in New York.


The panel discussion, titled “The Complexity of Dealmaking Around Multiple Indications,” will address the importance of structuring deals that recognize the potential for more than a single commercial indication and allow for flexibility in development strategies.  Scheduled for March 27 at 11:30 a.m., the discussion will include participation from two senior-level industry executives with experience negotiating multiple-indication deals.  The panel will address several new challenges faced by business development professionals in this complex environment, including


§         How should the deal be structured to account for the full value of the product?

§         What incentives must be incorporated into the deal to ensure that a partner will take the steps required to realize the full value?

§         What decision-making structures will allow the required flexibility in preparing development strategies?

§         What role should each partner have in developing, updating, and reviewing development plans?

§         How can partners balance a desire for participation with the need for rapid decision making?


“Some of the most high-profile deals today are found in oncology and immunology.  In these therapeutic areas, a single compound can typically be used for multiple indications.  In fact, the selection and sequencing of indications are among the most critical aspects of product strategy development.  As a result, deals in these areas have to be structured so as to recognize the potential for numerous indications (sometimes up to 10) over time,” stated Mr. Bonifant.  “Deals also must allow for flexibility in development strategies, because the attractiveness of selected indications changes as new mechanisms of action are identified and as multiple compounds are developed for each of these new mechanisms of action.  In this complex environment, business development professionals face several new challenges,” he continued.


Mr. Bonifant has been a management consultant for nearly 15 years, helping leaders of global pharmaceuticals and biotechnology organizations and decision makers in large private equity funds.  His perspectives on developments in the life sciences market are frequently published in industry and strategy journals, and he is a frequent guest lecturer at some of the nation’s premier universities.  Mr. Bonifant earned an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.


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The Business Development Practice at Campbell Alliance helps licensing executives achieve an edge over the competition.  Our consultants provide experienced counsel to clients who need assistance developing business development strategies, identifying partners, prioritizing targets, evaluating opportunities, and negotiating deals.

The firm's team includes seasoned consultants and industry professionals in pharmaceutical and biotech business development who have identified, assessed, and executed numerous in-licensing deals.  They have also been valuable in aiding out-licensors, helping clients improve internal processes for pharmaceutical business development, and assisting top executives chart new strategies in corporate development.



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Campbell Alliance is the leading management consulting firm specializing in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  The firm's clients include most of the world's top 20 pharmaceutical companies, as well as numerous emerging and midsize firms.  Campbell Alliance is organized into practice areas, each specializing in a critical industry function, including Brand Management, Business Development, Clinical Development, Managed Markets, and Sales.  From its locations in Raleigh, N.C., Parsippany, N.J., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and New York City, the firm serves clients throughout North America, Europe, and Japan.  For more information on Campbell Alliance, please visit


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