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As healthcare expenditures rise, one of the primary ways policy makers are beginning to attempt to control costs is by placing an emphasis on comparative effectiveness research. The injection of funding and support for comparative effectiveness research raises a number of difficult questions for manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, and the answers to those questions will help dictate how pharmaceutical companies manage the reality of comparative effectiveness research for the foreseeable future. The great problem for the industry, however, is that an enormous level of uncertainty surrounds how comparative effectiveness research will be conducted and used by all stakeholders, as well as what role the government will play. Definitive answers are difficult to come by, but by knowing the right questions to ask, manufacturers will be in a better position to deal with the challenges and opportunities inherent in comparative effectiveness research as they emerge. This article explores key questions surrounding comparative effectiveness research, and based on the evidence and trends available, the article offers guidance on how manufacturers can begin to answer them. In addition, the article details concrete steps pharmaceutical manufacturers should be taking today to build a foundation and infrastructure to manage the anticipated requirements of comparative effectiveness research.
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