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Onboarding Sales Trainers: A Fresh Approach at Bristol-Myers Squibb
Candice Lenkowsky, Dona Bone, Steve Daniel and John Bye
To realize its vision of putting together a world-class training organization, the Bristol-Myers Squibb Sales & Access Learning team decided to update its trainer onboarding process with the help of Campbell Alliance Learning Solutions. In the Summer 2015 issue of LTEN Focus, the two organizations detailed how the initiative was able to succeed where other companies typically fall down.
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Oncology Index: Maximizing Value in a Changing Paradigm
During the course of the next decade, the oncology market will continue to evolve. To examine the changes that will likely take place over the next 10 years, Campbell Alliance’s second-annual Oncology Index study is focused on the theme of maximizing value in oncology. Specifically, the study l addresses the implications for the pharmaceutical industry from the standpoint of identifying value, developing value, and delivering value.
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