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Launch Excellence

The Journey Toward Launch Excellence: Harnessing the Power of Experience and Insights
Nida Khan, Rohit Sood, and Timo Schwemer
This article examines the importance of the journey toward launch excellence and shows why many companies today are investing in developing the right launch processes and capabilities. The article also examines why knowledge transfer is critical in ensuring the success of a launch, given external pressures, and it details the considerations necessary for developing a robust and continuously evolving launch excellence capability.
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Oncology Index: Maximizing Value in a Changing Paradigm
During the course of the next decade, the oncology market will continue to evolve. To examine the changes that will likely take place over the next 10 years, Campbell Alliance’s second-annual Oncology Index study is focused on the theme of maximizing value in oncology. Specifically, the study l addresses the implications for the pharmaceutical industry from the standpoint of identifying value, developing value, and delivering value.
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