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Adapt or Fail: Succeeding in the Age of the Organized Customer
Howard Brock, Tony Lanzone, Tom Principe and Michael Iacoviello
This article takes a look at challenges many pharmaceutical companies continue to face in their approach to the organized customer, and strategies companies should consider for maximizing the many new opportunities that exist for fostering deeper and more mutually valuable customer relationships.
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Government Risk Modeling & Assessment: A Framework to Determine the Commercial Risks and Opportunities of US Healthcare Reform
Stephen Lu, Mengran Wang, and Matthew Shindel
To predict the channel dynamics that could result from the changes brought by healthcare reform, Campbell Alliance has developed a methodology to estimate the percent of a given disease population that will move from the uninsured channel to Public Exchanges, Medicaid, or the commercial channel as well as the percent moving from commercial to Medicaid and Public Exchanges as a result of the ACA. This article outlines the methodology and shows how it can be applied to a hypothetical brand.
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Oncology Index: Maximizing Value in a Changing Paradigm
During the course of the next decade, the oncology market will continue to evolve. To examine the changes that will likely take place over the next 10 years, Campbell Alliance’s second-annual Oncology Index study is focused on the theme of maximizing value in oncology. Specifically, the study l addresses the implications for the pharmaceutical industry from the standpoint of identifying value, developing value, and delivering value.
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Turning Tides: Trends in Oncology Market Access
To better understand the market access challenges within the oncology space, Campbell Alliance conducted an in-depth analysis of three market trends: provider consolidation and site-of-care shifts, the advent of oral oncolytics, and payer management and clinical pathway experimentation. This paper outlines the key drivers and barriers associated with each of these trends.
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